Check Recovery:

Payment of returned checks: InstaChek pays all merchants weekly on collected items. Anything collected in our office by 5:00 on Tuesday afternoon will be remitted to the merchant on Wednesday of each week. InstaChek always pays it's members 100% of the face value of the check. Some companies may pay bi-weekly or take a percentage of the face amount of your check.

Extensive Reporting: InstaChek offers extensive reporting to keep you well informed at all times. Daily, we fax, mail or email you an acknowledgement to inform you of any checks received in our office on your behalf. With the weekly payment you will receive a statement listing the check writer's that have paid to our office. At the closing of each month, you will receive a Monthly Inventory. This inventory will re-cap the month for you and also give you the status of the checks we received through the month. Upon request, we send you reports such as: Year To Date Performance Analysis and Check Acceptance Audit.

Additional Services: For many businesses, reputation is a must! Of course, all businesses have their regular customers that come every week and are very dependable. Because of that, using a check recovery service might not sound so agreeable. InstaChek has solved this problem for you. We allow you (3) days from the time you receive your acknowledgement to "recall" a check for any reason!

InstaChek files with the authorities where available. The basic services offered are provided free of charge!

Bank Authorization

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