Check Acceptance Tips:

Do not accept:
Two party checks
Counter or temporary checks
Voided checks
Payroll checks

Accept checks only from your local
trade area unless approved by

No travelers checks over $50.00 unless approved by management. (Verify signature
on license/I.D. to signature on check.)

Get a "work" or "second" phone number.

Verify all checks at point of sale, before the customer leaves the store.

Stamp each check with a depository/check acceptance stamp.

If the check has a P.O. Box address, write their physical address on the check.

Verify all information on "EXCESSIVE". Be especially cautious on an excessive
code. Do not accept the check if the customer is not known, unless approved by

Do not take "BLUECARDs". Give the customer a blue slip and get another method
of payment.

Always get proper identification from the customer. Never let the customer write their
own identification on the check.

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